Thursday, September 01, 2005

The nicest most wonderful Neighbor

Ok so I have the most wonderful neighbor in the world...look at the wonderful stoop art she left me this morning!!! How sweet is she...she is the nicest...always talks to me when we happen to see each other...honks and waves at me if she passes me in town...takes care of my rose bush and dries out my welcome mat after it rains...she has invited me over for spagetti but I couldnt go...when Katrina was here the other night and I had my door open she poked her head in and we chatted a bit...she is the coolest...always friendly...always ready to help...when I was leaving for camp she helped me carry my luggage out to the car...she really just blessed my day today with this aweseome message that I saw right as I walked out of my door...when we were outside chatting the other night in the storm she was telling me she had bought sidewalk chalk at a yard sale and was ready to use it...and I told her I couldnt wait to come home and see her artwork all over the sidewalk...and how sweet was her firt artwork!!! Anyway this was just too sweet this morning and I wanted to share!!! Oh and today is the first day of September and how wonderful did it feel outside this morning...gave me another onslought of Fall Fever!!!! I cant wait for FALL!!!!! Thank you Jesus for Fall...and for my great neighbor!!! I love you!!!


jen said...

Hi Tabbie!! I think it's great that you have such a sweet neighbor!! That must have been the best feeling to walk out and see that first thing in the morning. The only thing better than that would have been if I had been standing out there!! hehe. jUst kidding!! Love ya!!!


jen said...

I know you are going to have a GREAT day...It's FRIDAY!!

And guess what? Jason and I are going to come to the Wiggins' house on Monday too. It should be loads of fun. Can't wait to hang out with all you guys!! Fun fun fun!