Monday, October 20, 2008

Best Weekend.

It was good and calm and happy.

Friday night = Date night:
My sweetie took me to see Fireproof
Incredible incredible movie
I loved it
I wanted to cry for hours after because that is the movie he picked

Saturday morning = Japanese Gardens:
My sweetie
Panera Bread for breakfast
Perfect Weather
Great Pictures

Saturday Evening = Family
My Neesie
A Terrible Scrabble game - very funny actually
Left Behind II
A good rub
A nap
To bed early with some GOOD sleep

Sunday = Busy
Lady in Waiting SS - great conversation
Children's Church - Play practice then some fun at the end
Fall Festival Meeting
Pastor Appreciation Practice - very fun stuff
Bridal Tea - wonderful ladies doing a wonderful job, fun hang out time with some great ladies
KOR Drama Practice - funniest kids EVER, video looks great, a new silly video, a blanket
Chat time with my Neesie - planning for the future, giggles, blaming, getting caught by dad

A great great weekend. I had the best time. Thank you Lord Jesus for such a Blessed weekend!

So I will leave you with the best pic of my sweetie and me yet...


Jamie said...

Hey, I like this pic for a couple of reasons:

1- You look beautifully happy.
2- Your cutie is wearing the right shirt! :)

Jamie said...

I understand about a tight budget! I'll hold you to doing it next time, though! And I'm a tough old bird, so you better watch out!

Patrice said...

Cute picture! Absolutely adorable! I'm glad you had a great weekend!