Monday, October 06, 2008

The good, the bad, & the ugly

The good:
Relaxing Friday night & Saturday
Bible study time Saturday
Girly TV shows & movies
Time with the parents Saturday night & breakfast Sunday morning
A yummy lunch - my fav
Christmas practice and cute kids singing
Drama Practice and cute kids practicing to freeze
An amazing turn out for a baby shower I sort of helped host
Poeple being excited about my relationship and future
A new fan for my window
A goodnight hug from my sweetie

The bad:
Missing my Sweetie while he was visiting home
Not being able to sleep Saturday night
Not getting to practice Christmas musical enough before directing
Little down time on Sunday
Picking the wrong shoes to wear on a busy Sunday
Lack of communication

The ugly:
Money always being an issue
Saying stupid things to embarrase myself
Orange juice in my purse
Being ignored and shunned
Slight drama
Chipped nails
Snitty remarks directed at me

God has been teaching me alot about myself and how to love...honestly I am not that good at it...but hopefully I will get better.

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