Monday, October 13, 2008


Amazing how God swoops in when you think you can handle no more and cleans it all up.

I feel excited again for the first time since April or May.
I feel life return to me.
I feel a bit more like the me God created me to be.
I actually have hope and faith that the full me will shine through again brighter than before.
I am exhausted from the actual process and finishing that took place last night in the altar, but ready to be the new creation God has so desired me to be.
I think I will need to fight my enemy to keep feeling this way, I know he wants to steal, kill, & destroy. That nasty ole devil thought he had me this time. But greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world.
Wow! Look at faith has returned!!! Praise Jesus!

Weekend Highlights:
5th Quarter - community churches came together and ministered to community teens! Human Video was annointed and GREAT!
JBQ - Love that time with the kids. My team won one match and one of my kids got 4th top quizer!
Scrabble - Neesie and I played scrabble Saturday night. It was alot of fun, I think that was my first time playing scrabble.
Sunday School - Very good!
Christmas Play Practice - Went great!
Sunday afternoon - lunch with friends and loved ones, girl chats in the office = hilarious!
Drama Practice - Went GREAT!
Night of Healing - God restored me! Neesie loved me! Mom was baptised!

Jesus you are the lover of my soul.
Heavenly Father you are my everything.
Thank you for restoration and life. Thank you for your work. In Jesus might name. Amen.

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Elizabeth said...

your enthusiasm is contageous!