Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Times.

Much to report...

Friday night Mr. Wonderful and I went to my parents to play cards and hang out. We have the best time with my family. I just love easy times laughing and just letting things flow as they flow. Nothing forced just being real. It was nice and the casserole we had for dinner was DELICIOUS!

Saturday morning was WEIRD. I was discombobulated (yes that is a word). But the day was good I went and helped Neesie and Dad paint her new office. It really is a great color Neesie!! The boys my youngest brother and Mr. Wonderful were hunting. This was Mr. Wonderful's first time to hunt. I was really excited for him. He did not shoot anything this time but I have high hopes for the future. My brother got a doe though. Sadly I got no pictures. I did want a picture of Mr. Wonderful in camo, he looked really good!!
My other brother was on a day long date with his beautiful girlfriend...it was the big date...he asked her to marry him. I was so excited all weekend just waiting for the call to say they were engaged!! Oh my gosh they were both just glowing!!! I was about to die for them to get to the house so I could hug her!! I will have a new sister and I am thrilled!!! I was awake all night dreaming of their big day and the wonderful life they are going to have!!

Sunday was incredible as well!! Sunday School was so very amazing. Well let's back it up a bit. I woke up at 6:30, yes AM. Even after being awake all night with visions of my brother's wedding dancing in my head I woke up at 6:30AM. But it was God who woke me up and I knew He has something to say to me. I got up and listened. About 45 minutes into my quiet time with my Heavenly Father I received a text telling me I would be teacing Sunday School alone that morning. I knew then that God had me up that morning for a reason. We are doing a Sunday School with Junior High and High School girls called Lady in Waiting. I will tell you this. God was preparing the way by waking me up at 6:30AM! We went very deep, some testimonies were shared starting with mine, there was barely a dry eye in the room when we finally left well after the first song had started in the sanctuary. INCREDIBLE what God did in that room Sunday morning! Thank YOU LORD for YOUR awesome work in hearts and lives!!!
Church was good, it was nice to be in big church, but I am ready to get Children's Church cranked back up!!! I can't wait!!
We then went to have lunch with my brother's fiance's family and that was fun. I think the families will mesh well together. We just love Ashley so much!! We then just spent the afternoon ho humming around the house watching TV and visiting.
Then we had the youth Christmas party, which was so fun and funny!! The kids had a GREAT time and the treats were so good!!!

What a Happy and Wonderful weekend!

I am truly thankful for Happy times!

God is Good At All Times!