Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shopping Day!

Having a very Frugal Christmas.

This year I am getting down to the important things of Christmas. I have been forced by finances to really think about everything I get and really pray over it and consider it and the meaning behind this whole season.

This has been the most difficult yet wonderful Christmas ever.

Yesterday was my shopping day.
Mr. Wonderful and I used up our last vacation day of the year which thankfully happened to be a pay day and we set out to conquer our shopping lists. It was a day full of prayer and frustration and some heartbreak. It was difficult to have so little money to make Christmas special for my family. I did alot of praying and asking God to give me peace with what I was able to afford. My goal was to get one thing everyone would like and want.

That however proved to be a bit difficult especially for the men in my famiy who did NOT help in giving me ideas of what they wanted. And money was an issue. I couldn't get some of the things I wanted to get for my loved ones because I could not afford it. That was very sad to me. But God gave me peace for the things I was able to get and there was alot of heart behind everything I bought and that truly is the real gift.

The gift of love and thought. That is mainly what I am giving this season and that is the way it should be!

Not only did I have peace from my Heavenly Father to cover the day but I also had Mr. Wonderful. He was amazing all day. In my frustrated moments he was patient yet kept me in check. He just encouraged me and was so very patient with me.
The day reminded me how much my Heavenly Father loves me, to give me such a gift as Mr. Wonderful to walk through life with.
It was a day with moments that confirm that waiting on God's timing was so worth it. A day that again confirmed that Mr. Wonderful is THE ONE God created just for me. I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life (eventually) with him by my side. God is so loving and caring and good and He knew just what I needed. I feel so loved and adored by my Heavenly Father as well as Mr. Wonderful. That is such a great feeling to have. I can't belive how Blessed I truly am.

1) To have a Heavenly Father who loves me and is the source of my needs
2) To have Mr. Wonderful a gift from my Heavenly Father to share my life with
3) To have such an amazing Family a gift from my Heavenly Father to love and support me - wow!

I am blessed. That is what this Christmas is all about!

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