Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amazing Students!

It is my opinion that we have the most amazing students at our church.
Church last night went like this...
*Come into the Snack Shack and I hear this..."TTTAAABBBBIIIEEEE" and I get tons of hugs.
*I walk into the Game room and I hear..."Gaassppp" and immediately get hugged.
*I see students teaching each other to play pool.
*A minute later I get hugged.
*I see students greeting each other warmly.
*I see a student put toilet paper in another student hoodie...but it was nothing but love.
* I get hugged again.
*I see smiles on faces...well...most faces anyway...I saw some troubled faces and wanted to just hug them until it was all better but it didn't work
*I saw arms lifted high in worship
*I heard a truly amazing sermon last night by one of our college students - Incredible!
*I saw students and adults flood the alter to get closer to Jesus
*I felt hands on my back and words lifted to our Lord in prayer for me by a sweet young lady
*I saw students praying for each other fervently
*I get hugged.

**We have the most amazing students EVER! They are loving and joyful and seeking the Lord with all their hearts. I love them SO much!! I love them SO SO much!!

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