Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's official...I am ANCIENT and OLD!

I am so exhausted!

Tuesday night I stayed up too late and I am still playing catch up.

Here's how Tuesday evening went:
5:00 - Left work
5:35 - Scrounged for dinner
6:30 - Hunt for radio and sheet music for jail ministry
6:50 - Mom called to say her truck wouldn't start and she wouldn't make it to jail ministry
7:00 - Met Cris for jail ministry
7:05-8:05 - Had an awesome time with the ladies in the jail singing and praying
8:25 - Picked up Mr. Wonderful to head to mom's to help her with her truck
10ish - Mr. Wonderful finishes with mom's truck (he was so patient with my lil independant mom - and she was trying so hard to not control - it was such a God moment really)
10-20ish - Carrie & Boo(youth pastors) arrive and we begin watchin Biggest Loser and American Idol
12:30ish - We finish watching shows and I finally get to go to bed

Last night I got in bed a lil after ten but it just wasn't enough to catch up!!

So yeah it was just a lil after midnight but I am DYING I'm so tired. I must be ancient! I can't hang with the night crowd anymore.

LOL - okay so feel free to laugh at my ancient self. It's official I am an old lady who likes her sleep. I am so okay with that!!

Oh a second note, we no longer have coffee supplied at work so I was in a slight panic this morning when I got to work because we didn't have any coffee made. Of all days to have no coffee. But they my boss came to my rescue, she'd brought her spare coffee pot from home. I have since sucked down TWO cups of coffee. I feel a bit more awake, but my body is screaming for a NAP!! Yep, there it is another confirmation that I am an ancient old lady who needs naps.


Thank you for this day. Thank you for funny times and sleepy eyes. Thank you for a job that even though they no longer feed my coffee habit still sees fit to employ me and give me a pay check twice a month. Thank you for an awesome awesome awesome awesome night in your presence. Thank you that though I feel I moved without waiting I know you covered my fault and spoke to a heart and life last night. Thank you for your love and your healing power. I know taht I can't heal but YOU can. Thank you for a burden to pray so diligently for those that are struggling and straying. I give you this sleepy day and ask that you would shine through me. I am standing on the Faultline so that I can feel your shaking and moving. I desire to feel your shaking and moving, I do not want to miss it. I love you with all of my heart. In Jesus name. Amen.


Lindsey said...

Hahaha i'm old too! I like to be in bed by ten, nine if I want to wake up at 5 and work out.

JMBMOMMY said...

Oh, I am old too! But I don't have any common sense..I still act like a night owl and then just pay in the morning.

~Crystal~ said...

Hey Tabbie,
I haven't been by in ages. I've been kinda out of the visiting blogger loop.
Ya know, the more I see your photos I feel like I may know you outside of blogland....And your Sweetie looks familiar also. You can e-mail, so we can try to figure this out.