Friday, January 30, 2009


I really am VERY thankful it is Friday.
I am ready for the weekend. It's a long weekend too (mixed feelings about that).

This week:
Monday: Had a great time hanging with my Neesie while Dad was out of town Mon. night. We ate good food, chatted about girl things, worked on a long list, and played SkipBo. Neesie whipped my tail in ShipBo. It was really nice and fun to have some time.

Tuesday: They cut my departments hours at work. I am a bit mixed about it but my choice is to be Thankful that I have my job and a paycheck. That is the reason for the long weekend. I will have three unpaid days in the coming months. It totally could be worse. I am thankful the compay is trying to preserve jobs instead of simply eliminating them. And I am looking forward to have Monday off to work on my house some. It is in desperate need of cleaning and some projects being done.

Wednesday: I had lunch with my future Sister In Law. We talked Wedding of course. Her and my brother are getting married this December!! So exciting!! We talked school. She is so close to graduating and becoming an awesome teacher!!

Thursday: Slammed at work (slammed all week at work really). Helping several different departments. Got a wake up call about my horrible attitude and the horrible example I have been leading. Went and watched youth drama practice for fine arts. Laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I love those silly youths and youth leaders! Mr. Wonderful had a great time and was trying really hard not to jump in and give the kids pointers. I think he is in love with drama now!! How about that!!!

Today: 3 meetings already and lots of emails to answers. Projects coming as well. Gotta wrap up my desk for a long weekend. Lunch with one of my BFF's, can't wait. Tonight Mr. Wonderful is taking me to a new Japanese restaraunt to eat!! I am excited. We have been waiting for this place to open!!

This week I have really just drawn closer to God in faith and learning. I desire with all of my heart to be more pleasing to Him and to be gracious, humble, and lead a better example. I desire to seek Him more, to meditate on His Word more, to get alone with Him more, to worship Him deeper, I follow Him all the days of my life.

Be back on Tuesday. Wishing a GREAT weekend to you ALL!!!

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Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear about work! But your attitude is so inspiring!!!
Hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are!!