Thursday, January 08, 2009


Worship last night was really really good. I just so enjoyed soaking in the presence of God. Everything about God is so refreshing.

We made a trip to Wal-Mart after church so I could pick up a calendar for my desk. I was astounded at the prices. $7.97 is TOO much to pay for a wall calendar. So we went back to the planner section and I got the cutest desk calendar for $3.45, now that's more like it and it is so cute. I hung it on my cubbie wall even though it is a desk calendar. It's Chocolate & Purple with polka dots for this month. It makes me happier than one of those retarted $7.97 calendars would have anyway. Hmpft. Yes I sure did just sound like a silly immature little girl.

I am trying to make myself not go weigh. I feel like I have done really really well with my points this week and I am dying to know if I have lost any weight. But I decided that I would weigh in on Fridays, so maybe I will do a Weight Watchers update tomorrow. Cross your fingers for a loss.

Ok so there are some really exciting things coming up...
* Junior Bible Quiz match on Saturday!!! I can't wait to hang with the kids all day and encourage them. I hope it is not stressful though.
* Bowling with the College students Saturday night! I never really thought I like bowling. But it turns out it's not so bad really.
* KOR workers meeting Sunday! - I love planning meetings!! I am so ready to plan my year of Children's Ministry!!!!
* Scavenger hunt Sunday with the youth! This is always so fun and funny! Maybe I will get some great pictures to share!!
* Next Wednesday we are revealing the new two year theme for youth!! It is going to be so much fun!!
* Dicipleship Camp is coming up.
* Riverdance is the end of this month. I can't wait! It's going to be a date night out with my parents and Mr. Wonderful and me. We gave Dad the tickets for his birthday!! I think it is going to be alot of fun. And I look forward to going out with just the two of us and my parents!!

Well alright enough babble for now. I am loving 2009 so far!! I can't wait for the rest of this year!!!


JMBMOMMY said...

I totally agree the $3 calendar is way better ! :) Good to hear WW is going well. I am embracing surrendering this area of my life right now too---it feels so good. I have felt more freedom in the past few weeks than I did all last year with this area. I am thankful for my struggle because I know in my weakness He is made GREAT. I am trying not to blog about my weight....not so sure I am ready for all that but if you ever want someone to chat with or share your feats or defeats feel free to email me. Do you read Andrea's blog? She and I have been doing the same and the encouragement has been great!

Lindsey said...

Riverdance!!! So jealous! You def have a lot to look forward to, yay!