Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My love for Journaling.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write today I thought about how much I love to journal.

I have Always loved to write. I have love to write since elementary school. I have loved it loved it loved it.

Journaling took on a whole new dimension for me when I became a Christian. It was then that I began to write to God, my thoughts, desires, prayers, fears, hopes, dreams.

Journaling again took on a whole new dimension last year when I began asking God specific questions during my journaling time. One moment in particular, I was so hurt and confused and I sat and belted out an angry and specific question to God. I then stopped, listened, and wrote. I began to write what I heard my Heavenly Father say to me.

I will just tell you that Journaling in this way changed my life completely. I realized that God had things to say to me, He has the answers I seek. He is a personal God and wants to be a part of EVERY LITTLE thing.

Journaling that way quite literally changed my whole life. During one of my jounaling times God told me to speak His name boldly at work to my friends there about how He has changed my life.

A chain of events took place through my obediance:
*God opened the door for me to go to Thailand.
*I began to stand in a place of faith of which I would have never been able to stand.
*I shared some of my journaling with my parents and they stood there with me in Faith.
*I proclaimed the faith in which I was standing, I boldly spoke God's name and about the place of faith I was standing in.
*My faith was increased GREATLY.
*My mother prayed genuinly for me for the first time in my life.
*Mr. Wonderful, who was just a friend at that time, began thinking about this God that I believe so greatly in and questioning where his life was. He stopped partying and decided it was time for a new direction in his life.
*He questioned me about my faith, and God gave me the exact words to say to him.
*God prompted me to invite Mr. Wonderful to church. He gave his heart to Jesus that first Sunday evening he came to church.
*God showed himself mighty and sent me to Thailand against all odds.
*God delivered me of fear completely.
*My mother gave her heart and life completely over to Jesus.
*I began dating my future husband. I had not dated in 7 1/2 years as God had asked.

I love sitting and listening to words that are just for me from my Heavenly Father. He encourages me, corrects me, answers me, uplifts me, surprises me, reassures me, affirms me, stretches me, reprimands me, and Loves me bigger than anyone ever could.

I love my Faithful Heavenly Father. I love Journaling. I love my life that belongs to my Faithful Heavenly Father.
God Spoke to me while Journaling.
God sent me to Thailand.
God saved this Amazing Man.
God saved this Strong Woman.
This is just one example of how God has used journaling in my life. He speaks to me whenever I will sit and listen. He speaks to me about the smallest things and about the big things. I love that He is always waiting to love me and encourage me with His words to me.


Lindsey said...

Awww so cool!!!

It's so great to journal and look back on it! I found a journal entry from when I first met Garth and it was so funny to read it and see my prayers answered!

Sydnie said...

I love you! You're story is so encouraging.

JMBMOMMY said...

So cool how each of us connects to the One True God! How mighty is He!!!