Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Looking Couple.

So yesterday Mr. Wonderful looked really Handsome. He wore his Christmas gift from me and I must say that he looked dashing in it. He looked so good in it and that I convinced him to take some pics with me real quick at work. Hee hee. He really doesn't like to take pictures but he is getting used to it. After seeing the pictures he said..."We sure do make a Good Looking Couple." I agree of course. Here are our snap shots from yesterday.

The Good Looking Couple.

Mr. Wonderful - Look very Handsome!

Me - Happy.


Sydnie said...

Y'all are so cute!!

Krystyn said...

You guys really are good looking.

For him not liking pictures, he sure does "ham" it up.

Lindsey said...

You are a very good looking couple!!!

Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday, it made my day!!!!

Laura said...

haha..i love it.