Monday, January 12, 2009

Non-Stop Weekend Update.

Friday Night = Grocery Shopping
I have totally just discovered Publix...and...I love it!!!
Mr. Wonderful and I went over to Publix so I could get some appropriate groceries to eat healthier! We bumped into his best friend and it was fun to see him and chat with him for a bit. Then I dropped Mr. Wonderful at home and headed home myself to put away groceries and get in the bed. I received a call from my best friend who had gone on a lil date. She is such a wonderful friend and I love love love her!

Saturday = Junior Bible Quiz
I love JBQ with my whole heart, but Saturday that love was taken to a whole new level! Pastor Tim asked me to be a Quiz Master. I have to admit I was a bit nervous since I have never done that before and I was in the middle league instead of the beginner league. But I love love loved it. I had the best time greeting the teams that came into my room and encouraging all the kids and coaches. I had a great group of officials to hang out with all day and we just had the best time!! I had three former JBQers so that was very helpful when I had questions. The kids said I did good as a Quiz Master and that is important. If you don't make the kids nervous or frustrated then you have done well!! I can't wait to Quiz Master again! Both of our teams came in FIRST PLACE undefeated!! They did such an awesome job!!! It was a really GREAT day of Quizzing!!

Saturday evening/night = Bowling with the College Students
The evening was filled with gutter balls and amazing College Students. I am not a great bowler, try as I might, it just has never been something I am good at. I remember why I don't like it now. I think the Students had a great time though and it was good time together! Mr. Wonderful is a very good bowler and he had a great time bowling and hanging with the students! We actually got to Cosmic Bowl too. It was funnly to watch the students dance to the songs they played. Too funny! It was a good night with the students.

Sunday Morning = Breakfast w/ my Parents/Sunday School/Children's Church
I love Sunday morning breakfast with my parents. Dad cooks and we sat and chatted and enjoyed bacon & belgian waffels. Very yummy, even with low fat butter and syrup! I got to visit a little with my brother Jared too before he headed back out of town.
Sunday School was great, we had all of the girls there for the first time since the holidays!! It was a very good class! I am sad it will be over at the end of this month!
Children's Church was really awesome!!! I had the best time with the kids and cheering from them and singing with them and teaching them the memory verse!! We are doing a pirates theme and it is alot of fun. We said AAARRRGGGG alot!! I loved worship and then getting to pray for a few of the kids. I love the deep times with the Lord the MOST!

Sunday Midday = KOR(Children's) Workers Meeting
I love planning meetings. It was a great time of renewing vision and fellowshipping with all the Children's Workers. I can't wait to see what this year holds for Children's Ministry!! I love it so much. It is my heart, my passion, my life, my future!! I just love hearing thoughts and visions and ideas and plans for what we are going to do this year!! It just makes me excited and so blessed and thankful to get to be a part of such an incredible Children's Ministry!

Sunday Afternoon = Youth Scavenger hunt
I had the best time!! It was so much fun and so funny!! Mr. Wonderful's team came in First place, winning a whopping $5 for each team member! My team came in 5th! Hee hee, he is such a competitor. But we all had such a great time asking strangers for things, and taking pictures and videos of crazy things. I did not get any pictures, it was just too crazy and we had two cameras going already. We ran the whole time, in and out of the car and different places. It was just too fun!! By the end of the tallying of the scores I was pooped!! But the kids all had a blast and were all sitting around the youth room swapping hilarious stories. Mr. Wonderful and I just sat and watched and listened to them relaying their funny stories. It was a sweet moment.

Sunday Evening = Dinner & Ice Cream & WalMart with Mr. Wonderful
We chatted in the car a while before going in for dinner. What an incredible Man God has blessed me with. Sometimes I simply cannot believe it is real and I am really this blessed. We enjoyed our Subs, I really love Firehouse, very yummy. We both wanted something light. Then we headed over to Cold Stone where Mr. Wonderful used his prize money and we had a free ice cream on our punch card! I had my usual a "Like It" Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, oh so good. Mr. Wonderful had his usual a "Like It" Cake Batter with Peanut Butter. Yummy Yummy. Last Sunday we tried something different and neither of us liked it very much and did not end up finishing. So it was nice to eat up our yummy favorites!! We headed over to Wal Mart for our walk around. We like to just go in and walk around with no agenda or list. We did end up getting a Sunday paper because we discussed clipping coupons. We headed toward home and before I dropped Mr. Wonderful off at his place we sat in the car and looked through the paper together and picked out the coupons we wanted and needed. That was really fun! I am looking forward to making that a Sunday after Ice Cream routine. Maybe when we are married a Sunday afternoon thing. Then we chatted some more in the car before praying and I headed home to jump under my wonderful electric blanket. It was freezing outside. The temperature dropped so quickly yesterday!! It was a nice ending to a good weekend.

It was a Non-Stop Weekend! I ran from one thing right into the next all weekend. But it was a good weekend.

* Weekend revelation - Encouragement is HUGE. When you have it you may not realize it but it buids you up greatly. When you do not have it you may not realize it but it affects you greatly as well.
* I want to be an Encourager always. I try to alway encourage but I think I fall short alot in this area in many ways. Work being the main area that I am lacking to give encouragement. I want to always uplift and encourage those around me. Lord I make that my prayer. Help me be an Encourager always. Help me to build up those around me. In Jesus name. Amen.

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I love reading your posts, they always leave me inspired!
Sounds like a great weekend!