Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Weekend Review.

I feel like I have already been slacking on my 2009 posts.

It has been busy since the new year rolled over but I will give you a review of the first weekend of 2009!

* Friday: Watched the Alabama game with my brother who left for college the next day. Ate amazing steaks by Chef Mr. Wonderful.

* Saturday: Little Brother left for college. Breakfast with Mom. Sewed some buttons. Reorganized the downstairs closet. Laundry. Took Mr. Wonderful out on a date. (Yes I took him. There was a moving coming out I knew he would want to see and he takes me out all the time. I wanted to treat him this time. We watched Valkrie. I know the movie had bad reviews but we really enjoyed it (minus the one f bomb dropped in it). We had a good time. We went to eat at Milos, then to Khols where Mr. Wonderful spent a gift card he got for Christmas. I loved shopping with him, for him. He got a nice pair of jeans and a nice sweater. Then we headed to the movie. We did not like that we had to pay more to watch a movie at this particular theater than we normally pay at the theater we love. Can I just say it is ridiculous to have to pay $9.00 to watch a movie. We generall pay $6.50 or $7.00 at our usuall theater. )

* Sunday: Mr. Wonderful and I rode to church together. Sunday Schools was great. Children's Church was so good. Yay BGMC!! Hobby Lobby was closed :( Zaxby's on the fly. Went to another movie - Bedtime Stories - very funny! Rearranged living room - love it! Quiet time while Mr. Wonderful went home to watch football. Ice Cream at our favorite spot on Sunday nights! Game with college kids and friends. BED!!

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JMBMOMMY said...

Sounds like a busy, fun packed weekend!!