Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Review.

The Weekend is over...Here are some highlights...

*My first boquet of flowers from Mr. Wonderful - Tulips - Waiting for me when I got home from work Friday!!!

*New Japanese Steakhouse

*Bride Wars = Loved it!

*Slept in

*Superior Grill = YUMMY & Fun time with Neesie & Dad

*Riverdance for Dad's B-day gift = AWESOME (walking blocks in heels = not so awesome)

*Sunday School = Annointed, Deep, Love, Sad, Exciting, Beautiful & Amazing Young Women of God

*Children's Church = Fantastic, Cuddled a sweet baby girl, Columbia, Worship, I got to help teach, Gorillas, MY HEART

*Super Bowl = Time with the girls, A quick trip to my apt, Great food, Bitter Victory (I hate bad sportman ship ruined my victory), GREAT commercials, finally time to spend with my wonderful Pastor's that I love so much

*Day off work = LAUNDRY, Spanking and Bathing Tater (poor kitty), Errands, More LAUNDRY, vacuming, Sweet Quiet time, Girly TV intermittently

*Grocery Shopping = saved $12.00 - Yipee!!

*Great work out at the Gym

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