Friday, February 27, 2009

Spirit of God

Spirit of God
We cry out for you now
We cry out
Where would we be without you Jesus
Where would we be without you Lord

Sweet Sweet Powerful Spirit of God

I have to recap the incredible services that we had at church last week. The Spirit just came in and moved and worked and it was so REFRESHING!

Sunday Morning was so sweet!! I went into the sancturary and worshipped with the adults. Worship was so sweet. I just couldn't help but pour myself out to God for all His goodness. Especially all of His recent faithfulness with Mr. Wonderful's mom and my mom and what I knew he would do for my Mammaw.
I then went into Children's Church to help PT with a project. Worship in there was so sweet too. I just watched and worshipped from my perch on the floor in the back. The Spirit of God was so sweet in that place. Then at altar time the Spirit moved mightly. I could not even continue working on the project. I just say in the back on the floor and weeped for all God was doing and prayed for those precious children. My heart is to see God move like that EVERY week. To see those children be in the presence of God like that EVERY week. We need that, they need that. It was Beautiful and I know God did a mighty work in hearts and lives. I know that children's lives and hearts were touched by the sweet Spirit of the Lord. It was really wonderful.

Wednesday night was incredible as well. Worship never ended. The Spirit met us in that place and once He begain He did not stop. Call after call. There was a message given to the body and it was beautiful to watch those students respond to God. After that testimonies were given, one by one. It was so moving and so life changing. To see one testimony after the other touch and inspire. Each testimony broke my heart but then it was beautiful to watch as each student turned the bad into teaching and learning and inspiration for others. That is what ministry is all about. That is my heart. That is my life. It was incredible and I wish I never had to leave that atmosphere. The students amazed me and my heart swelled with pride, and broke for them all at the same time. You just never really know the things kids go through these days. But our students are using their testimonies to inspire and reach others. It was Beautiful.

God is so good and I want to feel His Sweet Spirit in my life like that everyday. I want to draw closer to Him. To The One who Loves beyond comprehension. To The One who has shaped my heart to love Him and Ministry and People so.


Lindsey said...

Love it!!!

Kari Dawson said...

You are so blessed to be part of the youth ministry and I love the many ways and areas you are involved and "giving back." You have such a sweet heart!