Friday, February 06, 2009

Upcoming things!!

* Lading in Waiting Banquet!!! Incredible young ladies dress in formal attire and commit to stay pure and get beautiful True Love Waits rings. They make my heart soar!! I am so glad I got to be a part of the Sunday School class and share in this journey with them!!! I love you all girls and I am so proud of you!! (Pics coming of all of us dressed up!!)

*Warm Sunny Saturday!! It's going to be in the upper 60's and I am so thankful and excited!!

*Working out. I am still excited about working out. I am ready to make it part of life. Next week we add in strength training and I am really excited about that. It will make working out more interesting.

*Heartsong Banquet next weekend. I am very excited about our table and ready to hear the speaker. I hear wonderful things about her!!

*Children's Church!!! I am ALWAYS excited about Children's Church!! My heart has been pulling so hard lately toward more time with the kids just talking to them and listening to them. I am going to try to get into Children's Church early and spend some time with the kids asking about their weeks and just loving on them. I am really excited about it!!

*JBQ Pastor Tim asked me to Quiz Master last time and I can't wait to do it again!! I loved that I got to see more of the kids quizing and encourage and oh I just loved it. I can't wait for this months and I can't wait for Semi-Finals!!!

*I am excited about my quiet times with my Heavenly Father and I am looking forward to finding some time for that today. I am just ready to be in His presence and soak Him in.

*Middle School Mania Saturday!! I am looking forward to time with the Junior Highers!! I am hoping that this will pull them into Youth and make them feel more comfortable!!!

*GAS night!! A night of worship with the Youth Sunday night!! I am so looking forward to just getting lost in worship and loving on some students!! I can't wait!!

*Life Groups!! I am ready to get this started and to know how it's going to work, what group I am in, what we will be doing. I am just ready!!

Exciting things coming up!! I love working in God's kingdom!!

Thank you Father for allowing me to be a part of such incredible things. In Jesus name. Amen.


Lindsey said...

Your optimism is infectious!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Krystyn said...

You've got some FABULOUS things come up in your life!

The Hairston's said...

Looks like you are one busy and blessed little lady!! I know that I have told you this before but I love your heart! Not only is it a heart to serve but it is a heart that loves to serve!

JMBMOMMY said...

Wow, your excitement leaps from the screen :) That is truly wonderful. You are seriously one busy lady. I was exhausted after just reading that list! :)

Kari Dawson said...

you sound busy. good job keeping up on the workouts and the abstainnence event is an awesome thing. I photographed a fashion show for abstainence and it too was an amazing event. good causes.