Monday, February 23, 2009

God is SO GOOD and Faithful!!

Let me start by saying...


There has been much going on lately and we have been praying diligently and God is faithful. Let me fill you in.

About Two weeks ago we found out that Mr. Wonderful's mom was diagnosed with cancer again they had found about five different spots including her breast and liver. She has survived Breast Cancer twice. This was very difficult news for Mr. Wonderful to get. We immediately being to pray and believe in God and trust Him. The second report was a little better they found fewer spots but were still waiting on tests results and such. This past friday she went back to the doctor and they found only three small spots, all can be treated with medication only. She will need no surgery and no treatments!! Halleuiah THE LORD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL. We are all excited by the news and I weep everything Mr. Wonderful shares the good news!!! I am so thankful to God for being so wonderful and faitful to us. He would have been faithful even had this gone otherwise but I am so grateful that He showed Himself mighty in this area. I fully believe that our Heavenly Father answered our prayers and healed Mr. Wonderful's mom. The fact that each report was better and better just shows how awesome God is. He was working and healing and I am so thankful to Him. He get's ALL the Glory for it!!!

Thursday I took my mother to the emergency room. She has had a terrible pain in her side and back and was having trouble breathing. My mother has a high tolerance for pain so when she called in tears and ready to go to the hospital I knew things were not good. I prayed all the way to her house and God just filled me with the most incredible peace you could ever imagine. That peace stayed with me all day as I comforted and reassured my mother that everything was going to be okay. God said that no matter what He was in control and He was going to take care of everything from my mom's health to the money. I believed that with all my heart and did not doubt. God did just that, mom's diagnosis wasn't at all what it could have been. They suspected a blood clot in her lungs and she suspected was neither. She does have Emphysema and Bronchitis and has pulled a muscled in her back. She is still in a good bit of pain but today when I talked to her she sounded more like herself than she has in weeks. The pain is beginning to be managable and the antibiotics are helping her to feel and breathe better. I think this is what it took to get her to stop smoking. The Doctor said if she quits after 5 years she has the same chance as anyone who doesn't smoke!! God knows exactly what it takes to get us to do what we need to do. He IS in control and knows best. I was so glad to hear my mom sound so much better today. Halleuigh THE LORD IS GOOD!!

Sunday my Mammaw fell and broke her hip. She is being so strong and brave through all this. I am now praying diligently for her. She will have surgery today. I am praying and believing that the healing will be quick and that she would have the motivation to do the therapy diligently. I am praying that the pain will be minimal and that she will be strong and filled with peace. I am praying that my family will have patience and peace through this process. I am praying for peace that surpasses all understanding. I am praying for strength and believing that God is in control and trusting Him entirely. He is in control and He does know best and He loves so much we cannot even begin to understand really.

God is so Good and so Faithful. He knows what is best for His children.

Thank you Father so much for your Faitfullness and Peace. Thank you for being our Healer, our Comforter, our Peace, and our Strength. I love you Father and I give you all the glory for the amazing things taking place. I love you and trust in you with all my heart. In Jesus name. Amen.


Lindsey said...

YAYAY! So glad to hear the good news about his mom. God is good!!

Elizabeth said...

wow...your post is just full of evidence of how faithful our God is! thank you for sharing such amazing stories with us!

JMBMOMMY said...

Wow, a lot going on! Love your faith sister!