Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day '09

Sweet Sweet Day!

Started the day off at my Parents...I got a sweet Valentine's treat from them in MY bag...they always give the sweetest things and they never pass any holiday without showing us they love us. Thanks guys. I love you. Yall are the best!

Then my brother and I took them out to breakfast at Panera!! We had a great time chatting about whatever ran across our lil minds. The food was good OF COURSE and the tea and coffee too!! Glad we had breakfast together I ejoyed the time together!!!

I then headed home to bake Mr. Wonderful a cake for Valentine's Day. I was nervous but excited to do it. It turned out to be my favorite gift I gave him!!

Here are pictures from my cake baking journey...

I really over did Valentine's Day but it was fun...I didn't get to over do Christmas so I made up for it...
Mr. Wonderful got:
*Two books (two because they are a series)
*A calendar (it was the calendar I wanted to get him for Christmas but I couldn't find it so when I found it I had to get it)
*A homemade cake (because it was from the heart and he had mentioned homemade cakes not too long ago - it was my favorite gift to give him - I love spending the time baking it for him!)
*His favorite candy bar (just because it's his favorite)
And I wrapped it all in some cute paper I have been dying to use forever...

Mr. Wonderful planned a reverse date...
1) Cold Stone Creamery - Our favorite Icre Cream place for our favorite ice cream
2) Taken - Movie (we actually snuck our ice cream into the movie in my purse)
3) BoneFish/Superior Grill - Dinner (our restaraunt was PACKED and the wait was 2 hours so we went to another place that was super yummy and I had been craving)
4) Gift - My favorite - Dove Chocolate! It doesn't get much better than that.
* Note Mr. Wonderful was sick and took me out anyway. The lil stinker said he was feeling fine but indeed he was not. How sweet is he.
* We ran into my parents at the movies they were double dating with a couple of friends. They were all the cutest! It was fun to see them there and chat with them for a minute. They had actually already eaten at BoneFish. So fun that we were doing some of the same things they did.
It was a very sweet evening. Very thoughtful. Mr. Wonderful even reminded me to take pictures together when I forgot (Gasp how did that happen). That was so sweet because he hates to take pictures and he was sick. What a sweet sweet man God blessed me with!! He was so sweet and thoughtful the whole evening!!
Here we are at the end of our sweet evening...

Thank you Father for a perfect Valentine's Day. i only wish I could have gotten a little treat over to mom, but time did not permit. Thank you Father for my wonderful family and for Mr. Wonderful. Jesus you are still my favorite Valentine!! In Jesus name. Amen.


Lindsey said...

Aww such a sweet pic of you two!!

So funny that you ran into your parents, lol!

Lindsey said...
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Laura said...

i can't believe yall snuck in your ice cream..
how funny...

JMBMOMMY said...

Sounds like a fun day!!!