Friday, July 18, 2008


So I woke up to a wonderful display of someone's love for me all over my front yard!!!

This put the biggest smile on my face. What a wonderful way to wake up...knowing someone thought about you and loves you. Thank you to whoever the culprit guess is some wonderful youths!!!!
Well it's finally Friday and what a week it has been. Work has been rough lately. They are reorganizing and making cut backs, neither are very comfortable things for a company's employees. We have had to say goodbye to a dear friend already and the atmosphere in our office has not been quite the same since. It's sad to watch. Panic is taking place and as some panic their reactions are ugly. People are turning on each other, pointing fingers at each other all in efforts to save themselves. Not my game. I am not trying to save my job. My singular goal is to have a Christlike attitude no matter what each day brings. Noone's job is safe and no amount of tearing people down is going to save one's job. No, I am not trying to save my job, it is not mine to save. The Lord has a plan and I trust Him. My goal is to have a Christlike attitude wheter they ask me to leave or ask me to take on more responsibility. It's tense here and ugly and it seems like at any moment people are going to literally begin ripping each other apart and feasting on their flesh. I want to shine a light of love and hope and peace that comes only from Christ!! I have to becareful with my words and my attitude and my actions. Which means I am headed to the grindstone now. TGIF!!! Looking forward to the weekend!!!

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