Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday =

Monday = came too quickly.
Night #1 of Kids Crusade = Awesome.
Night #2 of Kids Crusade = tonight.
Excitement level = 110.
Being part of the team again = priceless.
Prayer need = High.
Attitude = Humbled.

How do weekends go so quickly?

Friday night Mr. Wonderful and I went to see Hancock at the Drive In. And YES we actually went there to watch the movie, all of the conotations of the Drive In do not apply. LOL. Hancock was a good movie, there was some language in it though. By the way what's up with the Rating system. I do not think I would let my 13 year old watch a PG-13 movie. A true sign of the direction of this lost world. But Hancock was good minus the language which seemed to be primarily at the beginning of the movie. I then proceeded to beat Mr. Wonderful at Phase Ten but he then turned around and beat me. So the night ended in a tie. Which I am okay with, at least I beat him once!!! At this point I am in the lead on winning games, which I only care about because he is so competitive and I think its funny that I win and he HATES is so much.

Mr. Wonderful & Me.

Saturday I got to sleep in and then hang out with my Neesie some. Which was very nice and fun. We went to a graduation party and had a good time visiting there before driving back in the rain on one of the most dangerous roads ever. But we made it safely and had a good time. Then Mr. Wonderful and I attended a wedding, it was a very nice, elegant, and sweet wedding. You know I am always on the look out for ideas and that's the best place to get them!!! The guys had on Chocolate Suits so I got to see those first hand. I didn't hate them or love them. And then we headed to the lake to visit with the family some more. Aunt Jenny was up to pick up cousin Elizabeth so it was good to get to visit and chat. We had fun horse playing for a while and freezing under a blanket. We giggled alot! What a treasure Family is!!!
Horse Play.

Sunday!! Who doesn't love Sundays???? I LOVE them!! SS was good, I am getting really excited about Slack Attack and burning our books!! I am praying the kids are diving deep with this one, it's a GREAT book!!! Children's Church was so fun too!!! We are teaching about Esau and Jacob. We talked about Jacob wrestling with God and how we should HOLD on to God and NEVER let go. Altar time was good and I so loved getting to get down there with the kids and pray for them and love on them!!! Then off to Wetumpka for a Kids Crusade!!! My first one of the summer!! Oh how I have MISSED it!!! It was hard not knowing the routine of setting up, but we got it done and the service went Great. We had a little mishap with one song and I had to sing it without the music. But hey, I will do anything for Jesus, even if I sound bad!! It was fun and a good service and what was so incredible was seeing all the churches workers and parents pray for those kids in the altars!!! Wonderful!!! I got to see my bro Jamie too and that was definately an added bonus!!! Then screamo on the way home - compliments of Scotty J. How is that Christian music - I have no idea. LOL.

Readers...God is faithful, I have so much love and praise in my heart today. I love that even when things are a little rough, I know God is good and I love him all the more. God is up to something, always, we simply have to be willing to allow. I want to be so completely open to God and what He desires for me EVERYDAY. Today!!! I want the DEEP, not the surface or easy. I want the MORE.

Father, I open my whole self up to YOU today. I have so much gratitude and love and praise in my heart and it is ALL for YOU. There is noone like YOU!!! Have your way in me completely today. I am open to you Lord. Use me, guide me, fill me. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

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