Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Another weekend gone. Wow they fly by so fast!

It was a good weekend.

Had a wonderful date on Friday night. We ate at Bone Fish Grill, the food was wonderful! The wait for a table was more wonderful though. It was nice outside and I had good company. *Smile*

I simply love doing the normal things together, things I would think while single, what will it be like to do this with someone. It's is great I can now tell you that.

Saturday was my day of balancing and I think I did alright. The morning was spent at the lake with my God family and our cousin who's up from Fairhope. We had a good time playing on the water, except the boat breaking down. But that is fixed now which is great. Then on to the pool with mom and my nephew Jacob. My brother came too a little while later and it was nice to get to see everyone and hang out a bit. Jacob is getting comfortable in the water and likes to go under, which is great cause he's only five!! Then it was home to get ready and out to the movies with my brother Daniel, two of his friends Mykel and Jamie, cousin Elizabeth, Marshall and me. We went to see The Dark Knight. I HATED IT!!! HATED IT HATED IT HATED IT HATED IT. But everyone else LOVED it. I hate clowns and don't EVER watch scary movies. Not that I really thought Batman would be scary but I thought it was rather evil. Especially the Joker. Just evil, evil thoughts, killing, just Hated it. But the company was good and I ended up sleeping through the last half of the movie. It was either go hang out in the lobby by myself or sleep. I figure everyone else would enjoy the movie more if I just quietly slept at my seat, rather than making an issue of how much I hated the movie and leaving. So sleeping it was. I have no idea how the movie ends and don't care one bit either. lol. I hate clowns! Movin on now.

Sunday I got to teach youth Sunday School...I am not sure how it went but I survived and felt half way good about it. I enjoyed it alot! I love to teach and I forget that sometimes. That's why I love object lessons so much, it's my favorite form of teaching!!! After church we ate Mexican - gag - then headed back to the lake for the afternoon/evening. We had a good time in the sunshine and a yummy dinner too!!!

After we left the lake Marshall and I headed to our favorite ice cream place - Cold Stone Creamery, which has become a Sunday evening thing whenever possible. Super Yummy!!! From there we headed to the church with my brother Daniel and had an incredible time in worship!!! What a way to end the weekend!!!

I will leave my readers with a picture of me and my sweetie...I am working on building a collection of pictures with my sweetie...he's so handsome!!!

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rach said...

wow that does sound like a great weekend! we should all hang out sometime soon... i'd like to get to know that sweetie of yours.