Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly Day

I officially deem this day...SILLY DAY!

Why not have a silly day? We all need a silly day!!! I need a silly day!!!

I am feeling better I have really been diving in with God, drawing NEAR to Him. I am ready to learn what He has for me to learn. I am ready to do the work! I think sometimes just deciding that even though things are so hard that I am just going to dig my heels in makes all the difference!! So here I am digging my heels in!!!

So on silly day I decided to come up with some silly facts and phrases from the here goes...

1) I love grape Kool-Aid
2) Oh my stinky jeans
3) Eeeeww that bug tasted so bad - twice
4) Watch out for the Crane
5) I hope this fasting thing isn't contagious
6) Smacky mouth
7) That's okay I don't like my butt to be touched either
8) Hey don't suck

Ok you all...Happy Friday...Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

1 comment:

rach said...

i needed to read this post today... it made me smile. Natalie has been having a rough day. i think she's cutting teeth, but she cried for 3 hours straight this morning. she is finally taking a nap.