Monday, September 29, 2008


Another week is here...can you believe how fast the weekends go?
Wow this one flew buy. We were busy all weekend.

Friday night was fun...Mr. Wonderful, my brother, and our friends Carrie & Boo all came over. Mr. Wonderful grilled - pork chops, Hamburgers, and Conecha Sausage and made french fries. We ate like a yummy end of the summer feast. Then we played Phase Ten while watching TV. We had a good time!

Saturday we took the youth to Six Flags. We had a great time riding roller coasters and hanging out. The weather was perfect and the lines were not too bad at all. I did get sickly and didn't ride any of the rides twice like I wanted. Phewy! Next time I will take medicine and hopefully that will help!!

Sunday I was very sickly...but the day was good. Full of wonderful practices and sweet kids!! Some nice healing at the end of the day!!! God is SO good!!

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