Friday, September 05, 2008

Random thoughts.

Swinging makes me giggle like a little girl

I am in love

I have the most incredible family ever

I love to hear my Heavenly Father speak to me

Pictures are my favorite

One of my goals is to declutter my house

My pretty pink cell phone died

Christmas is less that four months away

When I am weak HE is strong

War Eagle

Autumn is my favorite

I fell in love with a flat nosed cat last night

Jesus is the most wonderful person in my life

I have been dating now for 3 months

I am sleepy

My day started off perfectly

I had three great lunches this week

Jesus is my life for the rest of my life

There are ovr 500 promises in the bible and not one of them says things will be easy

My brother is an awesome speaker

The weekend is almost here

Pic from last weekend...

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