Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ramdon Tuesday...

I have way too much I am dealing with to go deep right now so Random(ahem Shallow) it is...

I love coffee
It's finally Fall & this is the most amazing one yet
I am totally In Love
Today I am going to get caught up
I have the most amazing people in my life
I prayed and asked God for friends and He provided three amazing friends
I am wearing Pink & Black
I have worth
I am a Daughter of the King of Kings
I am ready for tomorrow
My favorite trees where I live are about to be Amazing
I need to take new pictures
God is good all the time & AT ALL TIMES
We are starting the Christmas Play I am excited
I love JBQ
I love football
I love my orange Sharpie

well that is enough...time to work on that getting caught up!

Love you all
Have a Very Blessed Day

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