Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Review.

Under the weather. - I am ready to feel 100% again.
Planning. - I am addicted to it.
Cleaning & More Cleaning. - As a gift, Frantic but thankful it is done.
Praying. - Lord I need you.
Visiting. - Football, BBQ, Babies, & Future In-Laws.
Meeting. - New Beginnings SO EXCITING & fun!
Playing. - UNO!
Chatting. - Future!
Praying. - Father Help Me.
Cheering. - WAR EAGLE!
Eating. - BBQ, Taco Soup, Waffels, Bacon, ICE CREAM
Praising. - My Heavenly Father!
Listening. - New Christmas Play!
Working. - On Human Video.
Practicing. - Human Video!
Sleeping. - Good worn out completely still under the weather kind of sleep.

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