Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silly Day Again.


Oh yes...It IS Silly Day!!

I have not been successful at being serious today so why not just deem it Silly Day!!

On Silly Day you get to be as silly as you want ALL Day.

Or for those of you who are not a five year old trapped in a twenty-seven year old's body like me the challenge is to be silly at least once today!!

So far today...

* I have made shadow animals in the projector light in a company meeting

* Laughed uncontrollably in that same meeting

* Shared my favorite laffy taffy joke...I just dont get why others don't think its as funny as I do...sheesh(yes I am about to share it with you)

What do you call a cow with a twitch?...........


(oh yes I am laughing uncontrollably again!!!)

* Pretended my notebook was a catalog of my handwriting and displayed it for all of the other customer service girls to see (this after our boss asked if we had our catalogs, which we were all supposed to bring and noone did -- I didn't lie I just made my notebook into A catalog -- okay some of the ladies did think it was funny -- maybe even the boss)

* Danced like an idiot in the hallway for several to witness

* Laughed some more

Let the silliness continue. It is Friday and the Fall weather is so refreshing. And I am feeling better about myself than I have in two weeks. Junior Bible Quiz starts tomorrow. My family is coming over for dinner tonight...CHILI...yes I have FALL FEVER!!!

Ok so I was Goggling silly day to get some images for this post when I totaly just found this...And yes Silliness is absolutely a Ministry!!!!

Remember too that This is the Day the Lord has made...Let's rejoice and be glad in it...we all have something to be thankful for even in the midst of storms and battles and struggles...let's find something to rejoice over today and invite a bit of silliness and joy into our day...ITS SILLY DAY!!! ITS SILLY DAY!!!

God is good all the time and At all times!

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