Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fumes and The Experience

Will be running on fumes this week so please excuse the lack of whitty or interesting things to say here. I will do my best though.

I have been majorly cranky this morning. The past two mornings in a row my lovely cell phone has turned itself off and I have had no alarm. Which of course means I have gotten up LATE and had to run out the door very unprepare to face my day. UGH! I hate that!

On to the good stuff now...
* Our Youth are having an even this week called The Experience.
* These kids are spending their days praying and passing out flyers in the community and inviting their friends from school to come.
* Last night was so awesome. There were tons of kids there and I believe everyone in the room had an Experience with the Lord.
* Testimonies were given. These kids shared their deepest darkest lives so that others in the room would know they are not alone. So that lives can be touch. So that others can see that Jesus can and wants to do in all lives. Incredible.
* I cannot believe that I get to be apart of these kids lives. What an honor. What an honor to serve the Lord and love on these kids. His kids.
* Last night was just a reminder of what my life's purpose is. To Minister. All the days of my life, to minister. That is what I was created for. That is what my passion is. That is what I live and breathe for.
* I am so proud of these students. Everyone of them. I love them so much.
* Some of the kids were there too and I love watching them.
* I can't wait to get back tonight!!

You know I am reminded everyday that I am imperfect but I am so blown away that God chooses to use me anyway. I feel so unworthy and so humbled. I have many many faults and many many things left to learn. I am so honored and humbled to get to be in the place God has me. To be called to love His kids and guide them to Him. I have no words. I cannot tell you how much I love to minister and love kids and students and point them in His direction and encourage them and pray for and with them. Wow. I am truly truly honored and humbled right now.

Thank You Father for the priveledge of getting to touch lives and share You, Your love, Your hope. Thank You for using me when I am so very unworthy and imperfect. Thank You for the call you have placed on my life and the passion you have filled my heart with. I know that I would not be complete without You. Thank You Father for how amazing you really are and for everything you did in hearts and lives last night. Thank You Father for what you are going to do tonight and tomorrow night. I love you Lord. My life is Yours. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Lindsey said...

Beautifully written! Hearing about the experience gives me goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that you truly know your purpose! Not all get to say that. I'm grateful I can say it as well. :)