Friday, March 27, 2009

Growing up.

All of a sudden it's hit me...Growing up is really happening...

I am in awe of all the things that are happening.

I got a message from Lydia. She was my best friend the last couple years of high school. She just got married August of last year and now she is going to be a new mommy. She is due in October.

Misty my best friend growing up and especially through the last years of high school just had a beautiful baby boy and is married to the man of her dreams.

I too have met the man of my dreams and am looking forward to a life with him.

It's like all of a sudden I realize we are grown up. Here we are all grown up, seeing our dreams coming true.

I remember talking about our dreams growing up.

Misty is truly married to the man of her dreams. I remember talking about the families we wanted to have when we grew up on the trampoline. And now she is married to a wonderful Godly man and they have a beautiful little baby boy and she has begun the family she has always dreamed of having. It makes me cry because I am so happy that her dreams are coming true and even better than she could have ever imagine because she how has Christ as the center of her life.

Lydia has wanted to be a mommy her whole life. I cried when she told me she is expecting because I know this something she has always wanted and waited for. And I am so excited for her. I am so proud her dreams are finally coming true. I am so happy that tears are spilling down my face.

And as for me well I cry often and thank God everyday that one of my dreams is coming true. I dreamed of the family I wanted my whole life. Misty and I would lay on her trampoline and talk about the family we wanted and Lydia and I would talk while driving to work together or in her room watching tv about the families we wanted someday. And now God has brought me that man I am going to marry and one of my dreams is coming true.

I am just really in awe and realizing that our dreams are here they are now. We are all grown up and starting our lives and seeing our dreams come to reality. I am so overwhelmed with it all.

Just yesterday I received a message about our upcoming 10 year high school reunion. I was reading classmates profiles and catching up on their lives and looking to see who was married and who had kids and what they have been up to these past 10 years. But today it all just hit me. We are grown. We are adults. Now is our time, or beginning, our dreams are now coming true. It's amazing to be at this point. It's amazing to remember talking about it as kids and now to be here living it. What an awesome moment.

What is more amazing is that my dreams are better than they ever were because I now know my Savior and Creator. The dreams that are becoming reality are much sweeter because He is in control of my life and He has a better plan than I ever had or ever could have had. Life is sweeter. Life it happening.

It's all beginning for us and happening for us now. We are not past the years of dreaming, now our dreams will just be changing as we dream of weddings and babies and careers and how our babies will grow up. Our dreams will be less about ourselves and more about the families we are building. Wow.

I'm Grown Up. We are Grown Up.

I couldn't be more excited about everything that is happening.


Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

awwwww... great post!

alyssa said...

i'm happy for you that your dreams are coming true & that you appreciate it!! it's so easy to take all that we have for granted!!

JMBMOMMY said...

It is a hard thing to swallow the first time you realize it...but it gets easier and easier...glad you see how great it is with God on your side!