Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Musings...

By request from my bloggy friend Lindsey at Learning to be a are my random musings...

* I loved loved loved this from Lindsey at Learning to be a Wife so I wanted to share it here as well...this is so true and good information to know...
A woman is stuck in the mud and the man is trying to fix the situation by grabbing sticks to help pull her out, etc. The woman is crying out and the man is desperately trying to rescue her. Afterall, this is man's instinct - to rescue, to fix. Finally, the woman yells: "I just want you to jump in the mud with me!!!" Women want our men to crawl into that ugly mud pit and sympathize with us.

* It's really awesome to have blog friends...even if it is a little weird.

* Is having blog friends any weirder than having friends on Myspace you don't know. NO I don't think so. I love having blog friends.

* I am lookin so rough today.

* I am excited to get to visit my best friend tonight.

* I burned 600 calories at the gym last night!!!

* I disagree with who went home on AI last night. Gggrrr

* I got my favorite treadmill at the gym last night.

* I am already starting to get some color from the few times I have gotten to be in the sunshine!! Yay!!

* I am ready to get back below 170 lbs and stay there. Gggrrr

* I am so glad it is Friday!

* I just found out one of my friends from high school is going to be a Mommy!!! I am so excited!! Congratulations Lydia & Coung!!!

Have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA for random musings!!!

Aww your post is so sweet, thanks! And yay for working out, you will back below it in no time!