Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update.

** Mr. Wonderful and I had a busy and good long weekend down south. **

*** Thursday ***
We left after work and working out and headed south to visit Mr. Wonderful's family. I have always loved the drive south and still do. We spent the evening playing with the babies and watching Syracuse and Connecticut play and excruciating long basketball game. WOW! 6 over times!

*** Friday ***

We slept in and then headed to visit with Mr. Wonderful's mom. We spent the afternoon with them. This was the first time we've seen them since Christmas. It was nice to get to be there especially since Mr. Wonderful's mom has been dealing with the return of cancer. in February cancer returned but God is a Healer and each report we got after the first was better and better. She will only need to take medication to treat the cancer!! God is Good! He is THE HEALER. So it was very nice to be there with them and get to visit.

Friday night Mr. Wonderful's brother and his wife and daughter came to stay at his parents too. The guys grilled hamburgers. Very yummy. The gals played with the babies. We played with the twins Chelsea and Chloe, and with Macie. Sweet girls. We all sat around watching tv and hanging out.

*** Saturday ***
The guys got up early and headed out to play a couple rounds of disc golf. They had a good time. I got up early to help watch the babies while Ms. Vicky tried to finish working. I loved getting to spend so much time with the babies. I missed them so much!! They have gotten so big and are now crawling and rolling over so good. Chloe is actually pulling up too. So sweet! When the guys returned Mr. Wonderful and I hit the gym for some cardio to work off some of the burgers we ate. (Thanks to Mr. Wonderful's brother for letting us know there was a Snap Fitness down the street so we didn't gain back quite as much as we would have!) After the gym I finally got to take a LONG HOT shower! It felt so good! Then a short nap!! We then ate like kings and queens, feasting on Filet's, salad, and baked potatoes and yummy Birthday cake!! Then we all settled in to watch Tombstone...I fell asleep through the ending of course. That seems to be my thing lately!

*** Sunday ***
We all got up and headed to church in the pouring down rain. But we managed not to get soaked. We enjoyed a nice service and headed back to the house for lunch and a movie. Ms. Vickie and I then made a Big Lots run!! Okay so I have seriously been missing out on some Big Lots!! I plan to visit our local Big Lots as often as I can!! Great discounts on great products! I had no idea! Then a lil nap before hitting the gym again before dinner. Hitting the gym was not my idea of fun on this day as I was getting accustomed to eating bad and didn't want to think about what it was doing to my body. UGH! None the less, burned off close to 400 hundered calories (nothing close to what I needed to burn off) before heading back to Mr. Wonderful's parents to over eat on the best potatoes EVER. Oh yes I ate potatoes EVERY day this weekend!! It was bliss!! We ate a yummy dinner and hit the road to home.

It was a fun and food filled weekend. Mr. Wonderful and I have some work to do to get the extra weight off now. It was worth it though.

We had a great time visiting with his family and playing witht the babies. I did not get a single picture with my camera. I did however come back with the twins Christmas Pictures. Maybe I will get them put on here soon. Those girls are precious and I miss them already!!
Now on to another busy week and weekend ahead. Work, Worship, and Working Out for the week!! Junior Bible Quiz, Youth Convention, and Drama Practice for the weekend!! Busy Busy Fun Fun!!
I am sad that we miss Fine Arts night last night at our church. I know our students did fantastic, I hated missing it. I love those students so much!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

You sound like you had a truly blessed weekend!