Tuesday, March 03, 2009

God works in unusual ways...

God absolutely works in amazing ways. I think opportunities are around every corner if we choose to acknowledge them and allow them. I am quite sure that I haven't been allowing them lately.

However last night God presented an opportunity, seemingly by chance, but I don't think anything really happens by chance, God knows all and orchestrates all, nothing surprises him.

Anyway while at the gym last night working out with Mr. Wonderful I struck up a conversation with a fellow gym member who was limping. That's how the conversation started, talking about why he was limping. Well God totally just surprised us both. We ended up chatting for 10 minutes or so about God and dating. Very unusual that I would be at the gym talking to a much older gentleman about dating and God's timing.

He was discouraged about dating and I was able to encourage him with my story. God asked me to wait and not date, so I did just that, I waited for over seven years, and it was more than worth the wait. So I was able to share that with this discouraged man at the gym and tell him how faithful God is and show him proof. He looked at me and said that that was just what he needed to hear. Isn't God amazing. I am sure that gentleman did not expect some young girl at the gym to be someone God would use to encourage him about dating.

I think God loves to do things in unusual ways, it shows more of Him and less of us. I love that about God. I think as humans we need God to do things like that so we can't say it was us or coincidence or chance. The man is a Christian and loves the Lord and received the things God wanted to teach him last night. He was blessed. I too was blessed that God used me to encourage someone else.

How awesome is God!!

I got to brag on how faithful God is and how wonderful Mr. Wonderful is.

Cool huh! That's God. You have to think that God just Loves moments like that.

In this incredibly difficult world, in these incredibly difficult times, in this incredibly difficult life, God is faithful.

There's so much pain in this world, so much to learn about how to be good and how to do good and how to love good. It can all be so very overwhelming.

Overcoming this world and life can seem impossible. But nothing is impossible with God. Jesus has already overcome this world all we have to do is trust and follow Him.

I think there is always much to learn and change and I think the ways kids grow up these days only creates more that they have to learn the hard way later in life, as I have.

Life is not easy folks, but GOD IS FAITHFUL. God doesn't promise it will be easy, but He does promise never to leave us or forsake us. What more can you ask for. Noone's life is easy all the time.

I pray that each and everyone of my readers knows the Living God in a personal way. He IS a personal God, He cares about the littlest details of our lives. He is our creator. He made us, each and everyone, and He made us with a purpose and a plan.

Father, Thank You for using me. Thank You for getting me through difficult times to simply be able to share genuinely with someone who needs to know they can do it too. Thank You for the incredible people you have brought into my life to help me learn the things I needed to learn that I did not know. Bless them Father as they have and do bless me. Thank You for your Faithfulness in this difficult world. You are Faithful Father.
Father I pray for each and every one of my readers, that they would know or come to know You in a deep and personal way. I pray that You would touch their lives in whatever unusual way You see fit to use. I pray that my readers would be blessed as You have blessed me, with purpose, new life, salvation, healing, calling, and Love. I pray that You would use this post to touch hearts and lives. It is Yours Father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Patrice said...

Wow! Awesome story! Thanks for sharing :)

Alyssa said...

good story!!

JMBMOMMY said...

Very cool story. You are so right...He is faithful...despite how hard life can be....I have seen this in real ways this week.