Wednesday, July 13, 2005

10 days!!!

Wow I am so excited about vacation with my excited...I can not wait to actually board the ship...I think that is when I will stop worrying that something will come up and we wont get to would that be a sad day...but I am trying not to let my mind go in that direction...this is my adopted family and the ship we are sailing on in yep you guessed it 10 days!!! my friend Jen and I have been reading through Galations has been really good...I have been so blessed by we are heading into Ephesians...I have been listening to it on my cds since yesterday...but I am reading it too...anyway it is really cool to have a friend to do that with...I am excited about this new friendship...and I can not wait to see where God will take it...ok on a more light apartment is finally looking mom came over Saturday and helped me put up my curtain(I'll have to take a pic and post it)...oh I love them...they are red and they look awesome...I am going with an Autumn color theme...of course...anyone who knows me knows how much I love reds, browns, burnt oranges, green...I am so excited...I have the red curtains...and red accents which are candles...and I have some brown candles...I need to get a rug, dining table and chairs, my couch mom is covering when she gets time in a brown chanelle...Carrie and I found the most perfect throw pillows at Wal-Mart last night...and I need a bigger mirror and a framed picture...and voila it will be a cozy, homey, home...I am excited...I really do love the red curtains!!!...oh my goodness things got crazy here at work...but phew its calming back know...I have just been craving time with God...craving it...and this crazy world in which we live and the ruler of that world would like nothing more than to keep me busy and distracted...and I let him succeed in that far too often...right now I just wish I were at home with my hot tea, bible, praise and worship music...and not here dealing with work...but I have to keep in my head that I am here for a purpose and it is not to be is to be a light and to be loving and generous and kind...Father help me be that today...I need you today so much, in Jesus name, Amen...I am thankful that today is Wednesday and I get to spend time with Jodi and the girls tonight...and we are starting my favorite I think we will learn more this year because we will have to learn to subsitute because Della is allergic to milk it will be fun...I miss them...I miss class uninterrupted...I really need to focus more on class every week and spend time planning and praying...I have not done that in a long time...I have been more unfocused than ever...Father guide me in that direction, renew my passion and desire and vision for Stars, in Jesus name, Amen...these little prayers are helping me alot today...I am struggling with being annoyed...dumb really...I have nothing to be annoyed at...actually I think that at this very moment I am going to just decide not to be annoyed and move on...hhhmmppphh...okay...I am ready to spend some time with God...I wish I could go and do it right now...but I had better go and get this work off my desk so I can leave at 5:00 today and get to church early and maybe have some quiet time in the sanctuary...that would be so nice...I miss I'm off to work work work...Father, help me to be nice, and encouraging today, help me to stay focused and get all my work done early...shine through me today and touch those around me...I love you so much Father...forgive me for loosing my cool so easily...for letting the enemy steal my with me the rest of this in my words, thoughts, and me to represent You and be pleasing to Jesus Holy name, Amen!

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