Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A family in need...needs prayer indeed!!

This is my wonderful adopted family...they are truly a gift to me from my Father...from left to right...Daniel(youngest brother), Jared(younger brother), Me, Neesie, is amazing how God has weaved me into this family...they are my family as if I were born there...I love them all very much...I am thankful for them!
This is my wonderful birth family...from left to right starting at the top...Brandi(sister in law), William(oldest brother), Glenn(older brother), Me, Mom, Jacob(nephew:William and Brandi's son)...we are all different but I love them all very much! I am thankful for them!

Prayer last night was absolutely incredible...I ended up on my face in the floor just crying...not able to pray only to cry...I cried out for my families last night...I know God heard...I am going to do my best to stand in faith and simply "Be still, and know that He is God." Psalm 46:10...its all I can do...its all I need to do...see there I go trying to fix it on my own...trying to take charge and do it myself...WRONG...I know I can not do this on my own...I know and was reminded last night that I can not even bear this burden for my familes on my own...and I am truly thankful for those who are willing to pray for me and with me...truly thankful...I am thankful for the seekers that were there seeking last is awesome to be in His presence and be with those who are truly seeking...I loved it...well today has gone well so far...I woke up at 6:15am this morning and those of you who know me know that is a miracle, lol...I was at work by 6:50am and I have been productive...I am excited...tonight is going to be Stars we are going to the You Pick It farm to pick blue berries and make the most delicious blueberry dessert EVER...this is the third year in a row we have done it and it has become a tradition and I love is fun picking berries with the girls and then teaching them cooking skills along with God's word and love...what better combination can you have...God, kids, and dessert, lol...anyway then after service I'm going to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Danielle and whoever else wants to come oh yeah I just talked to my brother Daniel and he is going to come...woohoo...anyway I hope more come too...I can't wait to see it...ok so vacation is getting closer and closer...I am so excited...I really just cant wait to be on the boat and have a break from responsibility and stuff going on here and just have fun, relax, and seek God and spend time with Him...not that I cant and dont do that here...but the funny thing is, is that I crave time with God mostly when I am at work and cant dive into His Word like I want to...but my downfall is that when I do have time I let myself be distracted by stupid things instead of getting in the Word...but I have been doing better...I am thankful for that...oh I cant wait to see God's creation that I have never seen before...I am ready to see His sunset over the ocean...I am ready for a break from work and reality as I know it...I am ready to relax and vacate...I am ready to have fun and bond with my family...I am ready to eat good food and not worry about a diet..I am just ready...oh and guess what else is creeping up on me...fall fever...oh man...its already here...I am ready for the fall...crazy I know...summer is just now really here...but I love fall soooooo much...anyway just thought I would share that...well I had better lots to do...Father, today I ask for Your will with the things going on, I ask that You would touch my families and minister there...give me strength, peace, and hope...thank you for Your awesome love and patience and faithfullness...thank you for wonderful people who love me and support me...they are truly gifts from me to be a light here at work Jesus' name...Amen!

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