Thursday, July 14, 2005


I am not sure this day could get any better...but you never know what else God has in store...I dont even know where to begin...well at the beginning I guess would be good...what was the first good thing to happen...oh...I went and weighed this morning...drum roll please...149...woohoo...I am down from a week and a awesome is that...than alone made my day...then David called me into his office to show me the newest in new data entry program...Jeremy from Lonehill created just for us...holy is incredible and is just going to be such a blessing to me in the next couple have no anyone who hasnt sat here at Summer Classics and rushed to get all the millions upon millions of peices of information keyed into the system before we turn the Sales reps loose to sell our new products could never appreciate this new thing like am so psyched...ok so as if that were not enough...David my boss comes to my office and tells me that my last vacation has been approved for the Kids Crusade in Kentucky in September...I started to cry then stopped and said wait I am not going there yet...this is why...last year they told me I couldnt go so I cried and cried and cried then come to find out they were just playing with me and it had been this time before I cried I was like okay David you really need to shoot straight with me...and he was I was like ok can you go now so I can I have been crying mean as crazy as it sounds...I live my life for Children's Ministry...I am sad everytime I have to miss a crusade or anything our Children's Ministry I cried when I found out we are doing a crusade in Luverne the week I'll be on the cruise...I have been dying to go back to was my very first crusade I ever did...and I want to go back so bad...and I'll cry again thinking about it...but this will be my third year going to Kentucky and it is incredible because the church there really goes all out and let me tell you kids lives are touched and changed...they put alot of time and effort into it...they really get is so awesome...not to mention how much I love the Neugents...they are they Pastors there and we always stay in their home and they are the most gracious, loving, kind people...they are wonderful...and they have three incredible girls is just the best time ever...the ministry is great, the people are great...I mean the people are really is a church by a military they have a mixture of people...I mean it is what the church is supposed to be...there are Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Black, White, everyone is welcomed and loved...I think it is the most awesome thing ever...and boy do we get loved on while we are there...I mean Miss Becky bakes before we come...I mean bakes...the beautiful Koreans cook for us while we are there...we get Spanish food while we are is just an incredible time of hard hard work and fun and blessing...I so thankful that I am getting to go back again...okay...I just got finished with lunch...Taco Salad from Zapopan...yum and I can eat everything in it guilt free...and it is so good...what a blessing...the day just keeps getting better...Deana brought Emma in...oh my she is gorgeous and has gotten so big...she is what a day full of blessings...thank you Father for all the wonderful things You have added to my day...well I need to go so I can get work done uninterrupted...have a happy day!!!

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CarrieQ-B said...

what an awesome day tabbie!! congratulation on your diet..i told you would lose it on it! and thats awesome about kentucky! love ya