Friday, July 29, 2005

Update on cruise...this is all I can do for now...enjoy the pictures!!

Okay it was awesome when the boat came into view...I was so is the biggest thing I have ever seen...then we checked in through customs and stuff...snapped a pic before boarding(all for you mom), waited in the Purser's Lobby for a min to check on excursions, found our rooms down the longest hall ever, visited the Lido Deck aka all the time food buffet...whoa...ate on the ship is incredible...most definately the best part of the whole ship...then we watched the ship leave...they cleaned our rooms twice a day...the turn down service was awesome, they would clean our room, and make and turn down our beds every night...and we got towel animals(so fun and cute), and mints and programs for the next days events...I am now spoiled!!! I was an amazing trip...I loved it!!!

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