Thursday, August 04, 2005

Desiring HIs Presence!

Good Day to everyone!!! I feel very good today...God is just showing me places He has grown me and ways I have changed and places He wants to change and ways He wants me to change...and I feel strong and ready...I feel good...I am determined today and that is one of my favorite things to be as long as it is determined for God...this weekend is Slack Attack for the Kids and Youth at our church I am super excited...I am praying that God will move in a mighty way...I can not wait to see what He is going to do...I can not wait to spend time with Marcie and the kids and the youth...we are going to have a great time...we are having video games, DDR, inflatables and amazing transforming services...I cant wait...I have missed the kids so much...I have missed Children's Church...I feel so not at home when I miss them...I am doing BGMC service this Sunday...I am nervous...the services are challenging to plan to pull off for definately makes me appreciate what PT does every week and makes me appreciate and confirms in me my calling to walk along side my future husband in if you are reading this pray that services go well tomorrow night and Sunday morning...we are talking about Thailand Sunday morning and I am excited because we have missionaries in Thailand that we know and they have an Xanga site and that is going to be helpful and cool to use Sunday morning...ok a little late but just covered my day in prayer...whew...I so need to do that before my day actually gets started...but better late than is one of those days that I just want to be in His presence...I just want to love on Him and let Him love on me...I just want to worship and praise and sink into the Spirit...and I am going to as much as possible today while working...oh speaking of working I had better get busy I am behind today as it is...but I love my Jesus and I am thankful that He gives me good days in and amongst the "growth" days (growth days is what I am calling bad days)...oh and Carrie gave me gaucho pants so I wore them today, because I wouldn't usually wear something this trendy and wild but she gave them to me so I am wearing them and they are comfortable...I am getting used to them...I may actually really like them...I know I like that they are sooooo thank you Carrie for getting me out of my box are my fashion guru...well until next time...Seeking Him!


CarrieQ-B said...

you're so trendy tabbie..beautiful picture by the way!!!

CarrieQ-B said...

do you know the name of the harris' xanga???