Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's a long one!

Wow what a day so far...been husselin since I got to work...but it has paid off...last night I went to my mom's and watched home videos...oh my gosh it was so funny...when I first bought my mom her video camera two Christmas' ago Becky and I did and intro on it...it was so stinking hilarious...we sang Felise Navidad and then changed it to Police Stole my Car...ha...oh my gosh I was so fat too...it was so funny to watch...and then we taped holidays with my family...and awwww we had such an AWESOME Thanksgiving last year...I cooked and everyone came to my apt to eat Mom, Glenn, William, Brandie, and Jacob...and we all had the best time...we ate and played with Jacob and it was just the best it had been in so long...I so am praying I can make a tradition out of that...Christmas was good too William played with Jacob's toys instead of opening his presents we all turn childlike when we get together...it is fun...so anyway that was fun to watch except it made me super sick to my stomach...like getting car sick...blah...so we had to turn it off because of that and because it was getting late...so there is more to watch...I cant wait...anyway then I went to Jen and Jason's and laughed so hard at and with Jen...Jen you are a mess I'll tell ya that...and I love ya...then I got home and was sooooo hungry cause I was finally feeling better from homemovie sickness(ha) and so I made the only think I could find...first I had scrambled eggs with Katchup then I was still hungry and so I had oatmeal...I so need to take some time and buy some groceries...but I am never home to use them so most of the time it is a waste to go buy them...lol...I need some good ideas to fix that...like some really yummy quick non parishables...and by the way Easy-Mac is so not a non parishable...I tried to make some of that before the oatmeal and how about the noodles so would not even come close to getting soft then I looked at the date on the box and it said November 2004...EEEEWWWW...I know...but hey I thought that Easy-Mac didnt spoil...WRONG...ah ha...bachelorettehood at it's grandest...lol...anyway that was the extent of my evening...as I was going to bed around midnight I prayed that I would hear the alarm and get up and I did...wahoo...Thank You Jesus...anyway so here I am at work as usual taking my miniscule break to blog...I love to blog...its a great release and a great way for your friends and family to know what goes on with you...now I know most of the time my blog isnt this light...but dont worry I am about to dive into the God stuff...God is really showing me right now several big things I need to work on...there are so many areas...so many things I need to change and give to Him...it is hard...real hard...but I am excited about it too...because I know that it is going to benefit my future and my children in such a positive way...they will not have to deal with or fight through the crud that I have had to...and that is awesome...there are some things right now that I am unclear about exactly what God wants me to do...but I am trying to just be still in those areas and listen...I dont know that I am doing a very good job of that at all...but I am trying at least...I am super excited about the book we are starting in Sunday school...I think it is going to be challenging and great...it is call Running with the Horses by Eugene someone...the guy who wrote the Message Bible...which by the way I have added to my Christmas list...but it is a study on the book of Jeremiah or based on that book...but anyway I am excited and I have started reading Jeremiah...which is how I came about putting that on my Christmas list...because I was struggling reading Jeremiah in NIV so I looked it up on biblegateway.com and started reading it from the Message translation...much easier but it used the word sex and whore alot...freaked me out a little but I kept reading anyway...so anyway God is just really weeding out some things in me...some major things and showing me that I have caused alot of the things I have been hurt by...see how selfish am I that I am just now seeing I have been some of the cause...way to go Tabbie...lol...but better late than never right...and I am just praying that God will continue to show me and keep me open to it...I am so so looking forward to prayer tonight...it is such an awesome time...and I just plan to get lost in it...to get out there the needs that I know God can meet...you know that NOTHING is too big for God...not one thing is EVER going to be more that HE can handle...that just excites me...I really need to grab hold of that knowledge and hold on to it forever...I need to trust Him so much more than I do...in so many areas of my life...but today I am just simple excited...excited about the battles I am fighting...excited that I know Jesus is my Victory -- Jehovah Nissi -- excited that I have been promised a family that is beyond my dreams and wishes...excited that God is in control of my life(that is as long as I let Him be)...excited that He loves me more than I can fathom...excited that He has given me a profound love for Him and all people that I have never experienced before...excited that He has given me friends and family to support me and walk me through the hard times...excited that He saved me from the pit of Hell 4 years ago...man what an INCREDIBLE, AWESOME, MIGHTY, STUPENDOUS(Carrie's word), HOLY, LOVING, FAITHFUL, WONDERFUL, WORTHY, God we have...and to think that I have only allowed Him to barely show me what He can do and what He has for me and how much He loves me...it stinks to be born of flesh...lol...anyway that is what God is doing in me...Sunday was so awesome in so many ways...the highlight was Sunday morning worship/prayer in Children's Church...when I am singing to God I feel like I can just reach out and touch Him and that He is just listening to me praise Him and worship Him...and when I am praying with the kids I am the most complete...I love Children's Church...I love everything about it...I love walking in the door and seeing the kids all there chatting and I love when they hug me and greet me...I love looking at the outline to see the order of things and what PT has planned...I love rabbit...I love when Marcie does object lessons the passion you see all over her when she talks to the kids...I love the gorilla's especially when we have short ones(that was for all us short gorillas out there-we're cool) I love PT's magic tricks and how he interacts with rabbit...they have such a chemistry...I love that he got me out of my box and made me start singing...I love it so much now...I love to see the kids dancing and worshiping and playing games...I love puppet songs...I love sword drills...I love Object lessons, I love our round tables...I just love it all so much...well this is one of those days where I could just write all day but I am sure by now this post is a novel so I'll go ahead and go...I need to get back to work...its Data Entry time...my time to shine...lol...okay just had to make a funny...I am going to give a shout out to Neesie...I love you...you are more precious to me than I am able to show...and a shout out to Dad(I'm not sure if he reads this though)...I love you and and so incredibly thankful to have you as my Dad...I miss you...okay and last but NEVER least a shout out to Jesus...my salvation, my future, my Best Friend, my All in All, You are everything I'll ever need and more...my life is complete because of You...I love You with all my heart...
11GOD's Message came to me: "What do you see, Jeremiah?"
I said, "A walking stick--that's all."
12And GOD said, "Good eyes! I'm sticking with you.
I'll make every word I give you come true."

God thank You for sticking with me all the way...alright I am leaving you guys what that cool verse...until next time...Seeking Him!!


Becky said...

Ok-sorry I haven't commented. I had to read your blog in shifts today it was soo long...just kidding. But really, don't be trying to lie to me of all people about that futon. I love some bars riding up my back for support. But I will definatley take you up on the offer while adams gone and you can come stay w/ me too! It will be wierd to stay in apt-remind me of old times.

After I finally understood the horse analogy, I am excitd too about sunday school, lol. I want to get the book. I was going to go get a book and this solves deciding what to read.

hope you have a great time a prayer. pray for me. hate to miss it.

Come by sometime this week. anytime. love ya

jen said...

I love you Tabbie!! Thanks for coming over, you always make me laugh, NOT the other way around. :) just kidding.

I would love to write a long commend, I just HAVE to get back to work. :) :) :) LOVE YA!

neesie said...

Wow! I've never had a shout out before. Thanks! Makes me feel important. I love you too. Bunches!

Anonymous said...

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