Monday, August 15, 2005

Great Day!!

Today is a great day...I started out with prayer even before getting out of bed...mind you I was praying that God would lay out the clothes I was going to wear to work for me...ha...anyway but I prayed in the car on the way to work and it was good...the whole weekend was just good...Denise and I started our scrapbook and it is looking great...we went to Tannehill...I found the perfect shirt to give to Daniel for his birthday and I think he really loves it...Sunday was awesome...Sunday school was so was challenging and awesome...Children's Church was incredible...everything went great...Marcie did an awesome object lesson...worship was so wonderful...and praying with the kids was so was just awesome...I think we had a fairly good turn out for Junior Bible Quiz...I am so excited about Bible Quiz I can't wait for it to start...I wish I could practice with the kids..but they practice while I am at work :(...but that is okay...and last night's service was great then we did Daniel's birthday after church...anyway it was a really good weekend and I loved it...and I feel great today...I am thankful...well for some reason I am not chatting here in my blog that is a quick update on my weekend...all I can say is God is really working in me right now...there are some big things He is wanting to do and I want to do ultimate goal is to be more like Him and be healed and changed so that I can raise healthy, secure, happy I am working hard to do that with God and praying that my future husband is doing the same thing...I want us to be healed Godly partners and parents...I am willing to wait for that...I am's all about God...His timing and will is perfect and I trust Him...until next time...Seeking Him!


jen said...

Hey!!! I'm glad you had such a great weekend. I did too! Sunday school was great and I'm excited about getting into Jeremiah. It is deep but I think that will be so good and such a learning experience. I want to run with the horses!

The1AndOnlyDANIELLE! said...

awww...the guy that marries you is going to be the best and most blessed ever....was that good english? ha....anyways have a great beginning of the week! love ya.....danielle

CarrieQ-B said...

i love you tabbie and i miss you!! i want to hang out soon!! i hope you are having a stupendous day!!!