Monday, August 08, 2005


I am recovering from an awesome exhausting weekend...Slack Attack was awesome...we played so hard Friday night...we had huge inflatables and video was so much fun...then we swam most of the day Saturday...phew...I am just now catching my breath...but the super sad thing is that I had no batteries for my camera...I could have gotten some great pictures too...I am going to have to prepare better...last week was such a blur though...but you know I love my life...I love God...I love ministry...I love kids...I love people...I am thankful for where God has me...well this is going to be short because I am so tired and not very talkative I'm going to go...I'll write more later. Here are a few pics Danielle sent to fun! Danielle and meJulie and meMe, Carina, and AmberBrandon, Kara, Jennifer, Courtney, and me

Me and Danielle ha ha Good times!


jen said...

You are awesome Tabbie!!! That last picture was probably the most beautiful picture ever!!! :) :) :)

I love you and you are so crazy but you are a great friend. Get some rest so you can come swimming at my house and I will make you dinner and we can make Jason watch us swim and eat and he will get nothing!!!! J/K.


Becky said...

Sorry about the camera! I got a bunch of pics developed this weekend. you will have to see! anways,, I am pooped too from the weekend! go home and rest!!!! I love you and you need to come over this week! miss ya! and hope you have a great rest of the day! i love ya girl!